Fruta Vida : The original "Taste of the Rainforest"
Fruta Vida means "Fruit of Life" and that is exactly what thousands of happy customers that drink the Fruta vida juice every day feel...that it is helping them live their best life!

The Fruta Vida juice was our original formulation with our "Taste of the Rainforest" Superfood Formula and continues to be our biggest seller to date!

Fruta Vida is our incredibly tasty blend of our three powerful Superfoods of Açaí, Cupuaçu, and Yerba Maté mixed with the juice of Brazilian apples for natural sweetness.

We have two convenient sizes of our Fruta Vida juice blend -a 30 oz. bottle to keep in your refrigerator or 1.5 oz. sample size bottles to take with you or share with others.

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Contact : Kaleem Ahmad
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